The very nature of our business is to provide water management services in the most economically and environmentally sustainable manner. We have had great success in economizing high capacity water supply, transport, treatment and storage solutions that our oilfield customers can rely upon; and we are proud to provide a much needed service that helps responsibly utilize one of our most important natural resources: water.


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Utilizing high-capacity pipeline to transport water greatly reduces the number of trucks on the road and dramatically reduces costs. This leads to less traffic, less emissions and many more benefits to local communities where oil and gas operations take place.

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Responsible water sourcing starts with the type of water supplied. That’s one reason why nearly all of the water we source is non-potable water – drawn from underground reservoirs that are below the generally usable quality of water, and therefore not taking away water supply from municipalities.

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We strongly adhere to all regulatory requirements put forth by the Texas Railroad Commission and all local, state and federal government agencies that oversee our industry.

We set the safety bar high.

Layne Water Midstream is committed to the long-term health and safety of our people and the communities where we operate. We understand the challenges and safety needs associated with operating in the oilfield, which is why we drive continuous improvement and heightened awareness through a robust training and auditing program across our enterprise.